Dr. Katz will check the following:

Saddle Fit and Placement

When Dr. Katz started practicing on horses over 25 years ago, he became frustrated with the lack of available information about proper saddle fitting. In addition, there was a lack of saddle fitters and people able to flock and balance a saddle properly. Because of this, he took it upon himself to accumulate as much information as possible, read what was available, and start to work with saddles and saddle fitting. Soon after, Dr. Katz traveled to England to study with Master Saddler, David May. He has also took the foundations saddle fitting course offered by the Society of Master Saddlers from England.

So much more is known about good saddle fit today. Dr. Katz is especially sensitive to these issues, as ill fitting saddles are so often the cause of spinal distress and physiological changes. Chronic saddle pressure is a lot like a bed sore. The pressure causes an interruption of normal blood flow, oxygen and waste products. A poor fitting saddle can affect certain muscles from functioning and developing correctly. When the horses spine works correctly and is pain free, forward motion is effortless and supports the rider. When they use their back incorrectly due to saddle issues, rough gaits, difficulty moving forward, as well as hollowing and inverting their back is often seen.